FWDG Honors Mothers in Need with $1000 in Diaper Donations in Beaufort, SC

Press Contact: Katherine Gill 


843-524-8695 ext. 221



The Donation is To Honor All that Mothers Have Done During this Past Difficult Year 

May 19, 2021 — (Beaufort, SC): FWDG announced it had made donations of $250 to four area charities in honor of Mothers’ Day to be used for the purchase of diapers. The United Way of the Lowcountry, Radiance Women’s Center, CAPA Beaufort (Child Abuse Prevention Association), and Hopeful Horizons each received a check to support the mothers who receive their support services. 

“The pandemic left many local families balancing work, childcare, and in-person schooling. Those new burdens landed squarely on the shoulders of mothers,” said Larry Mark, Founder and President of FWDG. “We were eager to celebrate Moms this Mother’s Day, since they have served as caregivers, teachers, and earners. Our donations are intended to alleviate one of the more expensive costs for Moms: diapers.” 

Diapers are as vital to a child’s well-being and health just as much as food, shelter, and affection. Lack of access to diapers forces families to leave a child in a soiled diaper longer than appropriate, which can lead to diaper rash and may cause staph and urinary tract infections. FWDG’s donation will help purchase several cases of diapers for vulnerable local families.  

Shown in the photos:  

United Way of the Lowcountry, Inc.: https://uwlowcountry.org; 843-982-3040 

Chrystie Turner, Vice President of Community Impact 

Radiance Women’s Center: https://radiancewomenscenter.com843-525-0300 

Cassandra Deans, Executive Director 

Rita Adams, Client Services Director 

CAPA Beaufortwww.CapaBeaufort.org843-524-4350 

Jessica Chapman, Director of Development 

Victoria Dye, Operations Assistant 

Hopeful Horizons: https://www.hopefulhorizons.org843-770-1070 

Erin G. Hall, Chief Development Officer 

About FWDG: Founded in 1972 by Larry Mark and his father Ernest, FWDG sells fine quality furniture, area rugs, and mattresses throughout Beaufort County and beyond. The company remains family-owned and operated. www.FWDGonline.com. FWDG is located at: 745 Robert Smalls Pkwy., Beaufort, SC 29906 843-524-8695. 

United Way of the Lowcountry, Inc.: https://uwlowcountry.org; 843-982-3040
Katherine Gill, FWDG’s Marketing Manager and Chrytie Turner, Vice President of Community Impact
CAPA Beaufort
Jessica Chapman, Director of Development
Victoria Dye, Operations Assistant
Hopeful Horizons: https://www.hopefulhorizons.org; 843-770-1070
Erin G. Hall, Chief Development Officer
Radiance Women’s Center: https://radiancewomenscenter.com; 843-525-0300
Cassandra Deans, Executive Director
Rita Adams, Client Services Director

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